Multiplexer systems:

When a consistent quantity of variables must be made available to a distant location, instead of wiring each process variable signal with long individual connection lines up to the control room, it is advantageous to connect all input signals to a conveniently located field multiplexer with short connections lines to the sensors. Data is then sent through a single communication line to the remote monitoring area. Multiplexer solutions are available both for intrinsically safe applications and for HART® compatible transmitters.

D2000 Series intrinsically safe multiplexer system features:

  • Proven solution to drastically reduced field wiring and installation cost;
  • Up to 256 channels per module or 7.963 channels per system;
  • Maximum operating distance of 5 km;
  • Redundant field and control room communication lines;
  • Increased communication performance with 115.200 bps baud rate;
  • Certified for Zone/Division 1 installation without the need of Ex-e or Ex-d enclosures;
  • Suitable for operation in -40 to +60°C temperature range.


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